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For many Interim is a way of life and such people enjoy the nature of interim projects - parachuting in and solving a specific problem. It can be deeply rewarding and those with a proven track record of 'delivery' find themselves highly valued and in demand. 

At Corpex we understand the value of our Interim Contractors and work closely with you to understand your strenghts and areas of specialism.

Whislt our main focus is the manufacturing and supply chain sectors we know that often our Interims have skills that transcend the various sectors. 

But what of those looking to venture in to Interim Management? There are some important things to consider:

  • Interim contracts can be patchy so you need to be financially stable for the months you are not working
  • Unlike a permanent role where you have time to 'bed in' the expectation with clients is that you are effective day one. 
  • Ultimately you are judged on how you deliver and in what timescales and of course within budgets 

If you are considering Interim then why not start your journey today and talk to us.